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Melissa – Bride to be – 12 weeks to go!!

Sorry, I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, I’ve been manic sorting out all sorts of things from bridesmaids outfits to wedding decorations to legal documents! It’s been really busy getting all the last main things finalized so now I just have lots of little bits left to sort which I’m told are the best bits!

Melisa-wedding 4

I can’t quite believe its only 3 months till the wedding, well 12 weeks tomorrow!! It has gone so quick it’s unreal, the past few weeks have pretty much been me Internet shopping for all things pink, sparkly and twinkly, as well as getting my girlies sorted with their dresses, which are just beautiful and exactly what I wanted and we also went jewellery and shoe shopping last weekend, which by the way buying their shoes has been the hardest part of the whole planning!

Tip for brides: if your dress shop lets you go and try things on with your dress before your final fitting I would definitely recommend this!

Another very important thing we have done is obtain the legal documents to marry in Italy! It was so exciting! Not quite sure how someone could get excited over 2 bits of paper but well I did. We had to meet with the registrar and have a little meeting where we gave the notice to marry and had to do it separately, is quite surreal, to be honest, and it really makes you realize what you are actually doing!

We now have the papers after waiting 16 days for them to be issued and it’s such a great feeling I’m actually getting married, WE are getting married and it’s all legal now! Makes you realise that it’s such a wonderful thing to be doing, not to mention being one of the most important days in your lifetime, it’s not something that should be entered into lightly and you should treasure it, I for one can’t wait to get married to the man I love and I know he feels the same about me!

Melisa-wedding 2

Now all the important stuff is out of the way, it’s time for organising the fun things, However I will admit to having my first freak out the other day nothing, in particular, triggered it,I was just sat at my desk at work and realised how quick it’s coming around and started freaking out about the ceremony of all things.

What music we are having, when it’s played, the readings, the vows, when we walk down the aisle and what we do after, So much to think about! It’s not like here where you pretty much get told where and when things will happen, you get to plan it however you want it which is so exciting! But also a little nerve wracking!

Melisa-wedding 1

Next for me is more shopping, Shopping for my jewelry and underwear, for my mom’s outfit, for my maid of honors present and also for lots more sparkly pretty things to finish off my decorations for Italy!
But I will blog next week and let you know how I’m getting on, as now it’s full steam ahead with pretty much everything for Italy and I have our party back home to sort out too!

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