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7 weeks and 3 days – Anticipating for the Wedding

It’s really coming around quick now and it’s kinda scary lol, feel like the past few weeks have flown by and it’s only 7 weeks today till we fly off to the beautiful Italian sun, In fact this time in 7 weeks ill be sitting in my bikini by the pool sipping on a nice cold beer! or probably limoncello actually as Julie insists I have to try some very popular Italian tipple so I’m told, to be honest, I’m game for any kind of alcohol.


7 week and 3 days 1


which is funny as Julie has just informed me she has never tried vodka before, yes you heard me right! She never tried vodka before, well my mission is to get her having a few cheeky ones whilst we are in Italy!

7 weeks and 3 days 2

Anyway back to the wedding! It’s been very busy the past few weeks, been sorting out all the last bits for decorations and getting my makeup, jewelry, something old, something borrowed sorted! now I’m on a mission to find a suitable travel case for my beautiful dress to be transported in, obviously, I will be taken as hand luggage as knowing my luck it would get lost in transit and I’d be walking down the aisle in my bikini I’m sure Joe wouldn’t mind.


7 days 3 nights 3

So really it’s very much a countdown at the minute, getting to sort all the nice things out like choosing the food for the bbq, mmm! beach bbq with lovely Italian food, making me hungry thinking about it!, writing our vows, picking the music, sorting a few nice surprises for the day which I can’t disclose on here I’m afraid as some of our guests read this! Julie has been great though with everything, been on hand to give advice and make suggestions.

So the Countdown is This:

4 weeks and 3 days till my hen do (eek! I’m scared, no idea what or where my maid of honor has in store!)
7 weeks today till we are in Italy
7 weeks and 3 days till our beautiful wedding day
8 weeks and 3 days till our wedding reception back home…

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